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300 Mbps / 600 Mbps broadband speed.


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We're always happy to help whenever we can.

In the first instance we would ask that you send us a WhatsApp, this way we can quickly ascertain if a support request is needed.

If a support request is necessary then please use our Support Request Page. You will have to create an account but once done you can login, create your support request and easily monitor the work being done to help you.

We also have a number of support articles available in our FAQs section that may be of help.

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Movistar In English

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Our broadband services are carried over the Movistar network so in effect we're providing Movistar in English.

Movistar Broadband in English

If you're looking for Movistar speeds with service in English we can help. Our broadband services are 100 Mbps & 600 Mbps and cost far less than Movistar's equivalent.

Thursday, 19 August 2021 18:29

Privacy Policy & Terms

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At Tenerife Telecom are committed to ensuring and protecting your privacy at any time you are on our website or communicate electronically with our personnel.

Our Privacy Policy is contained below and provides a detailed explanation as to how we may use your personal information provided to us or any we collect through legal means.

Updates of our Privacy Policy are completed frequently, thus you should peruse this Policy habitually.

Please view the footer of this article to see when it was last updated.

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UK TV Anywhere For Just 49.99€ !

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Our Service Works Anywhere In The World !

We can now provide you with streaming media services to help keep you and your family entertained while on holiday or throughout the year anywhere in the world.

Download Our Latest Android Player

Download Plex Media Player

Download Our Backup Android Player

Download Our Older Android Player (Old Server)

Download Our MAC IPTV Player

Download Our Old Plex Media Player

Streaming Media Services

Streaming Media Services

All your favourite TV channels & sports!

British TV available anywhere in the world with our Android player.

What You Get:

  • All popular UK channels
  • 500+ 24/7 channels
  • 12,000+ movies (With Plex)
  • 750+ box sets (With Plex)
  • All major sports channels
  • All 3 PM kick-offs
  • 100s of movie channels (With Plex)
  • All PPV events

The System Features The Following:

  • No buffering or delays
  • Full TV guide for all channels
  • Recording facilities
  • Parental controls
  • And more...

Equipment Supported:

  • Fire sticks
  • Android devices
  • Smart TVs
  • iPhone & iPad
  • MAG Box (Unfortunately we no longer support MAG boxes)

Please note: If we supply the box we will support it for you and it will come preconfigured. If however you choose to use your own device we will always try and provide support but may be unable to.

What Is Plex?

VOD & series will continue to be provided for free but will not be updated as frequently as Plex, will not have the latest content and will no doubt suffer from buffering on slower connections. Plex will be replacing this service as it is more stable, can work in HD quality on a much slower connection and allows us to update more frequently the content available to you.


Plex is a dedicated streaming media service, it is designed specifically to work in areas with poor coverage, slow connections and can deliver HD quality even on a 4G connection.


Plex is already stocked with over 10,000 TV shows and also has over 27,000 movie titles too. And this is updated regularly.

If you love to surf the world wide web and don't want to sign up to any contracts, this is perfect for you!

We can provide SIM cards for data usage with no contract required that you can easily put in any compatible device such as a MiFi router or mobile phone.

Fixed Price

Simply select the package that's appropriate for your use and pay one monthly price so you can budget.

Rural Internet 4G Data

This service is perfect if you do not have fiber optic broadband coverage. It costs just slightly more than our standard broadband and provides a fast connection to keep you working.

Coverage & Speed: Please note that as this is a 4G service speeds may vary depending on your location, equipment used and location of that equipment in your property.

4G Rural Internet

4G Rural Internets

Up to 150 Mbps 4G connections available

Key Features:

  • English sales team
  • Fast download speeds (up to 150 Mbps)
  • No Spanish bank account required
  • Cancel with just 7 days notice
  • No minimum contract period
  • No installation fees
  • No setup fees

Broadband Speeds

High Speed Broadband

High speed 4G connections of up to 150 Mbps

You can choose from either 100 Mb or 600 Mb connection. Our fiber connections also include a landline with 1,000 minutes of calls to mobiles and landlines.

If you love to surf the world wide web then this is the perfect package for you! It also comes with a free landline number or you can keep your existing number.

With English sales, fixed price contracting and calls included it's easy to see why many customers choose this option.

Compare our Packages

Key Features:

  • English sales
  • Landline included
  • 100 Mbps / 600 Mbps broadband speed
  • 1,000 minutes of calls to Spanish landline & mobile numbers
  • No minimum contract
  • Fixed price for 12 months
Thursday, 19 August 2021 14:32

Mobile Plans Fron 5.31€ a Month

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We have a number of mobile plans available which include local, national & international calls & data packages.

Mobile Internet in Spain

If you love to surf the world wide web, stream video or music or even play games while on the go, then these are the plans for you! Not only do you get a pocket full of data, you also get unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in the UK, Spain & many other countries!

Compare our Packages

Key Features:

  • English sales team
  • English support team (6 days a week)
  • Free number porting
  • No annual contract (monthly rolling contract)
  • Switch on/off as required (for up to 12 months)
  • Unlimited calls (see below for included countries)

Counties Included In Free Calls Plan:

  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Gibralter
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Sweden
  • United States

Spanish premium numbers and special numbers (like 901 and 902 numbers) aren’t included in the plans and are charged.

Spain SIM Card

If you're simply looking for a SIM card while in Spain then compare our packages to see just how much you can save compared with your current operator.

Mainland Spain Pricing:

Please note that if you contract our mobile service in Spain IVA will be applied, not IGIC.

Save money on your Internet for Spain, Tenerife, the Canary & Balearic Islands

You can choose from either 100 Mb or 600 Mb connection in Spain, Tenerife, the Canary & Balearic Islands. Our Broadband connections also include a landline with 1,000 minutes of calls to mobiles and landlines.

High Speed Broadband in Tenerife, The Canary Islands & Spain !

Compare our Packages

Key Features:

  • English sales team
  • 100 Mbps / 600 Mbps broadband speed
  • Landline included
  • Unlimited calls to Spanish landline numbers included
  • 1,000 minutes of calls to Spanish mobile numbers included
  • No minimum contract
  • Fixed price for 12 months
  • No installation fees
  • No setup fees

Fibre Deals in Tenerife, The Canary Islands & Spain !

We have some fantastic savings for you if you live in Spain, Tenerife or the Canary Islands, just check out these prices below and watch our introduction video.
Thursday, 19 August 2021 13:25

Tenerife Telecom

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Tenerife Telecom provide domestic & business broadband fiber optic Internet connections, mobile call & Internet packages and combined packages for UK ExPats living in Tenerife, the Canary Islands and throughout Spain.

In short, Tenerife Telecom can help you get the most from your communications providing a cradle to grave provision of communications services for you and your family or business.

If you love to surf the world wide web and don't want to sign up to any contracts, this is perfect for you! No landline or cables needed. Plug and play!

Try it out for free, over 12,000 channels, all major sporting events and more.

SIM Cards & TV equipment delivered the same day in tenerife or within 48 hours for mainland Spain & other islands.

Compare our costs and see for yourself. No setup, installation or contract fees + lower monthly fees.

Compare Our Broadband Packages:

  • Fibre 300

    Perfect for those that need a fast stable Internet.
    19.99/Month Speed: 300 Mbps No minimum contract Price after first 12 months: 29.99€ a month
  • Fibre 600

    If you need more speed then this is the package.
    19.99/Month Speed: 600 Mbps No minimum contract Price after first 3 months: 39.99€ a month
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