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Community Internet

Our community Internet solutions are designed around your needs. Whether your community is a single block of apartments or a number of apartments spread across a wide geographic area our solutions can help.

We also provide solutions for caravan parks where the service can be rented for short periods by people travelling and also for static home sites where users require a more stable long term solution.

Main Benefits Of Community Internet:

As many users are sharing the same connection this makes the cost lower per user as each subscriber pays only a small part of the installation & maintenance costs while gaining access to the system to use as they see fit.

Use examples include:


Here we would typically install a fibre connection that is shared throughout the community by many properties. One signal can easily supply an edificio of 10-20 or more apartments and the signal can be boosted on each floor ensuring all users gain access to the service.

Static Caravan Parks

Single use installations are common here where each user has their own connection but we can also install community wide fibre where this is available or our 4G service where it isn't.

Mobile Caravan Parks

As with static caravan parks we can install fibre where needed or 4G where fibre isn't available and this service can be leased by users of the park.

In all cases we can help with site surveys, monitoring and maintenance and ensure provision of signal & service to all users on site.

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