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IPTV Requirements

We will always try to provide you with the best possible viewing experience, whether you have a Broadband or a mobile connection.

there's a few elements to consider though when viewing live, HD or 4k TV. For example...

Internet Speed

You will need a speed of around 5 Mbps download (downstream) as this will allow the video stream to get to you without buffering (juddering). To test your speed it's actually quite simple. You can visit or (we find that the Google test gives more accurate results and if you're using your mobile phone doesn't ask that you install their app).

Number of Devices Connected

The number of devices you have connected to the Internet can significantly impact your connection speed. Typically we would suggest that you need around 5 mbps for each device connected. So, for example, if you have a TV, computer and 3 phones all using the Internet to get a stable connection to all 5 devices we would suggest that you need around 25 Mbps download speed. Obviously this can fluctuate but we find it's a good rule of thumb.

Device Being Used

We would never dictate to a client that they MUST use our equipment. You're welcome to use whatever device you like. We have clients watching TV on their phones, tablets, computers and of-course Smart TVs. However, considering that the videos we stream are of high definition quality we would always ercommend that any device you use has at least 4 GB RAM & 32 GB Flash Memory.

This isn't to say the programs or videos you watch will buffer on a smaller or lower memory device as we have SD (Standard Definition) versions of all our channels but to get the best viewing experience we recommend the above.

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